Advantages of dental tourism in the Republic of Moldova:

  1. Dental treatment at the most convenient prices in Europe. A dental implant costs on average 300 euro in Moldova compared to 1500-2500 euro in Europe;
  2. A variety of last generation technologies in dentistry like the piezotome that allows modeling without bone trauma and the physiodispenser NSK allowing the bone preparation for implantation adapted with special speed needed to create optimal conditions for full integration of implants;
  3. Qualified specialists with internationally recognized diplomas and specializations in various countries including the Republic of Korea, India, Greece;
  4. Immediate and effective treatment with free of cost estimate for treatment;
  5. Staff speaking English and other languages available to assist before, during and after the treatment;
  6. The opportunity to visit a new country with many beautiful places with much lower average prices as in the more developed countries, a rented apartment in the center of the capital ranging from 30-45 euro.